Coal Rollin’ Cherokee

Coal Rollin’ Cherokee

1999 Jeep Cherokee

The XJ-series Jeep Cherokee is a remarkable off-roader. Surprisingly, it’s a unibody vehicle, which typically doesn’t last as long as a body-on-frame rig when the road turns to rocks. The Cherokee proven to be stellar..and an excellent starting point for some seriously wild custom builds.

This one is pretty wild. A four-cylinder Cummins diesel, backed by a Dodge five-speed manual makes this pretty cool. There should be plenty of torque to churn those big tires out of any rut. Apparently, though, emissions can be tricky, so either be prepared to clean the exhaust up, or live in an area where smog isn’t checked.

It’s on eBay in Chicago for $15k or offer.1999 Jeep Cherokee engine 1999 Jeep Cherokee interior

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