Gleaming Aluminium

Gleaming Aluminium

1962 Morgan +4

Yes, we used the English spelling of “aluminum.” Somehow, it seems appropriate when discussing such a charming old racer.

This looks absolutely magnificent, really. A claimed 190hp out of a TR4 engine, in a lightweight Morgan? This has to be an absolute blast on track. It looks to be in very nice condition–though the paint on the front fenders looks a bit orange-peeled. It is a race car, after all, so that’s not too big a deal. We love the look of the Dayton wire wheels, but Minilite-style alloys might be much less of a hassle than dealing with cleaning and truing spokes. Otherwise..we want.

It’s on eBay in California for $78,500 or offer.1962 Morgan +4 blue front quarter 1962 Morgan +4 engine 1962 Morgan +4 interior


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