Hank Hill, Anglophile?

Hank Hill, Anglophile?

1989 Morgan 4/4

Anyone recall the animated seriesĀ King of the Hill? The dad, Hank Hill, was quite proud of his career selling “propane, and propane accessories.” Well, this would be his British car.

For some time during the ’80s, Morgans couldn’t be sold in the US due to emissions regulations–unless they were converted to propane. Thus today’s car.

Gotta wonder how well it drives…but it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Nearly perfect, with just over three thousand miles on the odometer.

It’s on eBay in Texas. Hank Hill’s from Texas. Hmm…1989 Morgan 4 4 engine 1989 Morgan 4 4 green rear quarter 1989 Morgan 4 4 interior

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