A Four-Seat CRX?

A Four-Seat CRX?

1990 Honda CRX-Si R

Honda knows Americans. They know that there was no point fitting a second row of seats to their subcompact hot hatch in the land of the Big Mac.

This Japanese-market car, however, has a pair of seatbelts snaking through what looks to be a vinyl parcel shelf.

More importantly..this car is powered by an engine never originally seen in US-market cars–the twin cam B16A. 160hp is seriously fun in one of these lightweight coupes. American enthusiasts have been swapping this engine from later cars into the early chassis for years, but getting a car originally equipped from the factory is a big win. It’s in great condition, as well, and the price is attractive compared to hack-job swapped cars.

It’s on eBay in California for $7500 or offer.1990 Honda CRX-Si R engine


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