Buy It For the Sound It Makes

Buy It For the Sound It Makes

1967 Triumph GT6

Not that owning a vintage British racecar isn’t rewarding enough..but the wail of a Triumph inline-six, opened up on the back straight of your favorite racetrack, is enough to stop onlookers in their path.

This one looks quite good, though with any vintage racer a thorough inspection of the safety equipment is in order. No sense writing a check for a caged racer that doesn’t have a safe rollcage. As this has some dash plaques from other vintage events, it likely is approved for most vintage organizations, but check before buying. We love the gold alloy wheels against the white body–a very classic look for a classic racer.

It’s on eBay in Denver with reserve not yet met.1967 Triumph GT6 engine 1967 Triumph GT6 interior

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