Mango, Underripe and Overpowered

Mango, Underripe and Overpowered

1972 Toyota Corolla

Apparently, vintage Toyota enthusiasts have dubbed this particular bodystyle of Corolla the “Mango.” We don’t know why. It is a handsome little coke-bottle-shaped coupe, made all the more aggressive with bolt-on flares and wide tires.

Then look under the hood. Rather than a pushrod, hemi-headed 2TC engine, a 3SGE out of a 90’s vintage MR2 has been fitted–with a supercharger for good measure. A Supra transmission helps put the power down. With plenty of power and a short wheelbase, this looks like a handful.

It’s on eBay in California for $23k or offer.

1972 Toyota Corolla engine 1972 Toyota Corolla interior

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