Hot-Rod Jag

Hot-Rod Jag

1964 Jaguar Mk.2

We love it when car owners are honest–especially if they can be funny as well. The seller of this Jaguar sedan mentions that either the transmission or the separate overdrive unit is leaking oil, but frames it as a positive:

“Upside is that everything behind the trans is rust proofed with a fine coat of oil.”

We don’t see this as a turnoff. As any experienced British car owner will tell you, if it’s not leaking, it’s out of oil.

This looks to be a nice driver, as it has a few dings in the chrome, and imperfect off-white paint. All the better, we say, as a classic needs to be driven to be appreciated.

It’s on eBay in San Diego for $32k or offer.1964 Jaguar Mk.2 interior 1964 Jaguar Mk.2 engine

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