Cheap ‘B

Cheap ‘B

1968 MGB

Amazing what a few years will do. Not that long ago, decent driver MGBs could be had for under $5k easily, and the best cars might have brought fifteen thousand dollars.

Not anymore.

This ’68 looks quite good from ten feet away, but there are a number of details that let it down. That front bumper is well off level, for starters, and the dashboard looks to have been capped poorly. One can feel the Armor All residue even through the internet, as well. Details that can be sorted relatively easily, though, since even if the parts are junk there are plenty of replacements out there. This looks like a good opportunity to make a decent car great for not much cash.

It’s on eBay in Florida for $10k or offer.1968 MGB engine 1968 MGB interior

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