Happy Belated Birthday, Mustang

Happy Belated Birthday, Mustang

1966 Ford Mustang

Here at COTD World Headquarters, we try to spend our Sundays behind the wheel, or turning wrenches..so we don’t publish anything on Sundays. Unfortunately, this means we missed April 17th, the Mustang’s birthday – commemorating the day the original pony was unveiled at the 1964 Worlds’ Fair.

Sorry, Mustang. Please avoid doing burnouts near crowds in your disgust at our oversight.

This ’66 coupe looks clean and straight, though we would ditch the tall cowl-induction hood at the first opportunity. No high-rise intake manifold has been fitted..so a stock hood would be perfect. It’s nothing special, but just a good, honest early Mustang that should be priced fairly, making a great first classic for someone looking for an interesting ride.

It’s on eBay in Cincinnati with reserve not yet met.1966 Ford Mustang engine 1966 Ford Mustang interior

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