Lightly-Customized CJ7

Lightly-Customized CJ7

1979 Jeep CJ7

There are so many custom Jeeps out there that it takes something special to grab our eyes. This one warranted attention because the custom work is so subtle – no massive mudder tires or external roll cages, no American Flag paint jobs to sear our eyes.

The hood star is a decal, so it could potentially be removed with no damage to the really-cool matte beige paint. The diamond plate aluminum in the rear quarters and rockers looks cool..but it often is used to cover rust damage on Jeeps, so inspect carefully. Everything else looks very nicely done, with special attention to the engine bay–it looks factory fresh.

It’s on eBay in Georgia for $18k or offer.1979 Jeep CJ7 interior 1979 Jeep CJ7 engine

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