Nice Notch

Nice Notch

1991 Ford Mustang

Surprisingly, the Mustangs of the ’80s are becoming sought after. They don’t perform anywhere nearly as well as modern ponies, nor are they built nearly as well. But there is a charm to these cars, especially the demure “Notchback” sedans, looking like sleepers compared to the GT hatchbacks.

This one has shiny dual exhausts poking out below the bumper, and apparently an aggressive rear-end ratio meant for the strip. Drag radials in the back will help this hook up. It doesn’t look too far gone to return to a streetable setup–a better differential ratio, real street tires, and a stock hood should get it close, as well as some interior straightening. It could be a bunch of fun.

It’s on eBay in Michigan for $13,500 or offer.1991 Ford Mustang interior 1991 Ford Mustang engine

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