America, in Car Form

America, in Car Form

1962 Chrysler 300

What could be more #America than a big pillarless two-door sedan, powered by a big-block, painted retina-scorching red, with a trunk built to haul the corpses of our enemies?

That’s right. While some might call a ’57 Bel Air or a ’66 Mustang fastback the perfect automotive embodiment of our great nation, an early ’60s big Chrysler is a fair representation as well. Innovations like the wedge cylinder head and the push-button transmission selector make this big Chrysler great. It’s clean, save some surface rust underneath, it looks great, and makes muscle car noises.

It’s on eBay in New Jersey (is that Bruce singing about this very car?) for $17k or offer.1962 Chrysler 300 engine 1962 Chrysler 300 interior

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