Ken Costello’s Nightmare

Ken Costello’s Nightmare

1967 MGB

For those unaware, Ken Costello was a UK-based racer and tuner, best known for building V8-powered MGBs. His cars were so good that he inspired British Leyland to build their own Rover V8-powered factory cars.

This is neither a Costello car, nor a factory car.

This is, however, one builder’s dream realized. The six velocity stacks protruding from the hood scoop tease the onlooker. There aren’t six chokes beneath–only four, for the Ford Windsor smallblock. The steel bodykit is charitably described as unique. The craftsmanship is evident throughout – after all, there are certainly bad craftsmen out there, and their work would still be considered craftsmanship.

We can’t imagine what this would drive like. We aren’t particularly curious, either.

It’s on Craigslist in Texas for $4500 firm.1967 MGB engine 1967 MGB black badge

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