..With My Ragtop Down So My Hair Can Blow

..With My Ragtop Down So My Hair Can Blow

1988 Saleen Mustang

Vanilla Ice probably wasn’t rapping over Queen and Bowie about a Saleen. No, he had a more pedestrian GT, but a little extra power and style might have kept him from the havoc on Beachfront Avenue.

Steve Saleen added some power, a better suspension, and a bunch of fiberglass to these limited-edition specials, and they might prove to be as popular with collectors as some Sixties-vintage Shelbys are now. They are certainly the best of the Fox-bodies, so they are great drivers no matter the collectability.

It’s on eBay in Arizona for $25k or offer.1988 Saleen Mustang engine 1988 Saleen Mustang interior


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