The MG TC may have been the sports car that finally took America. It can easily be argued, however, that the Triumph TR2 and TR3 were the prototype for the modern sports car.

Indeed, the later MGB had unibody construction where the Triumph was still a body-on-frame. But these early TRs, like today’s TR3A, were among the first from England to wear properly-integrated fenders, rather than the pre-war-styled MG fitted with separate wings flanking the bonnet.

This TR3A looks to have been expertly restored, and looks perfectly solid. The steelies and dog-dish hubcaps are refreshing, though a bit plain. The blue is an unusual hue, but quite attractive.

It’s on eBay near Miami for $26,500 or offer.

1960 Triumph TR3A interior 1960 Triumph TR3A engine

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