It Hauls

It Hauls

Being a Ranchero, it certainly can haul some gear in the bed, though not as much with the exposed fuel cell. With the hot 302 and the drag tires, it can haul some…

Shame about the fuel cell, really. This could become a real sleeper if the tires were downsized to something approaching stock diameters, and some of the well-done custom paintwork were toned down. As it sits, it probably isn’t the best street driver. It’ll likely spend much of it’s time on a trailer, rolled off for shows and the occasional drag race, polished and put away like so many other trailer queens.

At this price, though, it could be reasonable and feasible to return it to the street.

It’s on eBay in Pennsylvania for $15,900 or offer.1960 Ford Ranchero engine 1960 Ford Ranchero interior

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