Museum-Quality Rotary

Museum-Quality Rotary

1970 Mazda Cosmo Sport

We can imagine someday a “curator of apex seals” at some major art museum fawning over this stunning Mazda Cosmo Sport. The Cosmo, along with the Toyota 2000GT, are the top echelon of limited-production Japanese cars that will be worth big money very soon, and this one is among the best.

This later car is likely a bit better to drive than early Cosmos, as this has a longer wheelbase that should accommodate something longer than a 28″ inseam. The checked upholstery and red carpeting is something modern cars should adopt. The long, low styling is beautiful, reminiscent a bit of a Thunderbird from the rear quarter view.

It’s on eBay in North Carolina for $150k or offer.1970 Mazda Cosmo Sport interior 1970 Mazda Cosmo Sport engine

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