Low, Low Miles.

Low, Low Miles.

1991 Acura NSX

There are few Honda products that qualify as true collector cars. They are well built, to be certain, and there are plenty of enthusiasts who have passion for their Hondas, but this doesn’t necessarily translate into long-term collectibility.

The NSX is one major exception. BuiltĀ as a rival to Ferrari, back when Honda was at the top of the motorsports world, and developed by racing legends like Ayrton Senna and Bobby Rahal, the NSX is indeed a real supercar.

This one is stunning in black, with ivory leather, and has less than 12k on the odometer. Barely used, which is odd for a Honda product that can go 200k with little more than basic maintenance and frequent tire replacement. It has escaped the temptation of modification, too, so it’s doubly desirable.

It’s on eBay in Arizona with reserve not yet met.1991 Acura NSX ivory interior 1991 Acura NSX engine

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