1977 Saab 99

Or perhaps: Three Swedes walk into a bar(n)? The first one’s pretty, the second needs Botox, and the third has a casket picked out.

Enough bad jokes. This eBay auction is apparently from a former Saab technician, who has a trio of 99s. The good one, a 99 Turbo, looks very nice, with some mostly-tasteful modifications, and apparently has been spared Ohio winters. The other two could be parts cars, or restoration projects, but salt has made a mark.

If one had the space to finish one car while sorting out parts to sell, this could be a reasonable venture. Forgetting the other cars and parts, this is a bit high for one good 99 Turbo, but there may be room to negotiate.

It’s on eBay near Cleveland for $16,900 or offer.Pile of Saab 1977 Saab 99 Turbo engine

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