A Little Crusty, But Solid

A Little Crusty, But Solid

1985 Toyota Land Cruiser

When one needs a single vehicle that can haul groceries, the kids to soccer practice, and the family across the Mojave, Land Cruisers are the first choice. Sturdy, reliable, and reasonably comfortable on road, the big FJ60 wagon is a more-civilized rig than the early Jeep-styled Cruisers, but has nearly all the same capabilities.

This 1985 Land Cruiser has some rough spots underneath, showing some surface rust, but it appears to be solid. The door hinges are spotless, so the body should be in great shape. Recently upgraded suspension bits should ensure this will go absolutely anywhere without troubles.

It’s on eBay in California for $19k or offer.1985 Toyota Land Cruiser engine 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser interior

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