If It Never Raced, Is It A Vintage Racer?

If It Never Raced, Is It A Vintage Racer?

Ferrari 308 Huffaker IMSA Racer

It seems that IMSA changed the regulations while this car was being built, and it was obsolete before it ever turned a wheel in anger. Nonetheless, as it’s a Ferrari, built by the legendary Huffaker Engineering, there will likely always be a place in most any vintage racing paddock for this interesting 288/308 hybrid.

With a high-revving V8 putting out nearly 400hp for under a ton, this is certain to be quick. The Hewland gearbox means drivetrain spares will be readily available. The workmanship looks absolutely perfect.

It’s on eBay in Missouri for $150k or offer.

Ferrari 308 Huffaker IMSA exploded Ferrari 308 Huffaker IMSA engine bay


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