Left-Hand-Drive Diesel

Left-Hand-Drive Diesel

1989 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70

Many classic Toyota Land Cruisers are being imported from Japan to the States. The legendary reliability and off-road capability make these quite popular. However, the right-hand-drive configuration makes these hard to use in daily traffic. Imagine the hassles at the Starbucks drive-through.

Not with this Nicaraguan-market BJ70. Left-hand-drive makes all the difference. It’s decidedly Spartan, with vinyl floors and seats, no heat, but with factory air conditioning. It might not be too hard to source and fit a heater for these non-tropical climes. The truck is stunningly presented, with near-perfect paintwork and no rash on the undercarriage.

It’s on eBay in Texas for $22k or offer.1989 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70 engine

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