It’s a Comanche Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand

It’s a Comanche Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand

1990 Jeep Comanche

The Eighties and early Nineties were the best time for fans of small pickup trucks. Nearly every OEM offered one, either as a captive import or in-house built. The trucks were so popular that the SCCA (not known for being the quickest to pick up on trends) offered a professional road racing series for small pickups.

Jeep needed to be a part of this, but since they were perpetually short on development funds, had to proceed with caution. The Cherokee-based Comanche resulted. The Comanche had the distinction of being the only unibody pickup, rather than a separate body/frame and bed. This had the upside of fantastic on-road handling for a truck – and great success with the Archer Brothers in the aforementioned racing series.

This Comanche is in stunning condition, with minimal flaws in the finish and a pristine interior. The big disadvantage is the lack of cargo/passenger room afforded by an extended cab, else this would make a perfect commuter even today.

It’s on eBay in North Carolina with reserve not yet met.1990 Jeep Comanche interior 1990 Jeep Comanche engine

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