Beautiful Impostor

Beautiful Impostor

1955 Austin Healey 100: Car of the Day by Carchasers

It’s remarkable to think that in the Fifties, one could feasibly take a near-stock sports car and race it at LeMans. Certainly there were factory teams, but there were plenty of privateer entries running MGs, Porsches, and Triumphs in close-to-showroom trim.

Austin-Healey was another, running the four-cylinder 100 successfully. They offered a LeMans edition, known as the 100M, with a hot cam and big carbs, and all of the parts were available from the dealer.

This car is not an “M”, but has been restored as such with all of the hot bits. It’s stunningly done, but does the fakery detract from the value of the car?

It’s on eBay in Rhode Island for $98,500 or offer.1955 Austin Healey 100 engine

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