Six Pack of Orange Crush

Six Pack of Orange Crush

1970 Plymouth GTX: Car of the Day by Carchasers

Plymouth always seemed to play second fiddle to Dodge with performance cars. This GTX, however, shows that a luxury muscle car can be hot. The triple two-barrel carb setup isn’t stock (a single four-barrel was originally fitted) but the extra power on the original block is a nice, reversible modification. Everything looks as if it could have from the showroom floor, save the wheel selection – Cragars up front, slot mags in the rear? Odd.

The Grabber hood scoop is perfect to amuse passengers and onlookers alike, and is naturally a great way to bump power a bit. The four-speed transmission is a nice touch seldom seen anymore, as most muscle cars seem to have automatics anymore.

It’s on eBay in Dallas with reserve not yet met.1970 Plymouth GTX interior 1970 Plymouth GTX engine

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