Big, Menacing Cat

Big, Menacing Cat

1961 Jaguar Mk.2: Car of the Day by Carchasers

This Jaguar Mk.2 saloon has an undeniable presence on the road. Somewhat unusually, it’s fitted with body-color steel wheels and dog-dish hubcaps rather than the much more common wire wheels. It’s a very cool look, actually.

The deep grey paint is magnificent, nicely contrasting with the maroon interior. The automatic transmission is a letdown for enthusiasts, but this is a car for cruising at an elevated pace, not chucking into corners with abandon, so the slushbox fits the character of the car.

It’s on eBay near Chicago for $29,900 or offer.

1961 Jaguar Mk.2 interior 1961 Jaguar Mk.2 engine

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