Usually Rusted or Riced

Usually Rusted or Riced

1988 Honda CRX Si: Car of the Day by Carchasers

Most enthusiast-focused Hondas of the Eighties and Nineties have either rusted beyond salvation, or have been so thoroughly modified by “tuners” to be “faster” that they can no longer be driven comfortably.

This one has escaped both fates.

The seller claims that the car is near museum quality, and for once, the photos back up that claim. Inspection is certainly due, but this 1988 CRX Si looks absolutely perfect. The red paint doesn’t look to have faded, and with under 50k on the clock, everything under the hood still has the sheen of a new car.

Enthusiasts are snapping clean 80’s Japanese hatches up and preserving them–this is one of the best.

It’s on eBay in Oregon, with reserve not yet met.

1988 Honda CRX engine

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