A Little Rough, but a Good Value: 1971 MGB

A Little Rough, but a Good Value: 1971 MGB

We fondly recall the days when ratty but mostly-solid MGBs would trade for $1000 or less, and perfect cars were under $10k. Those days are long gone, sadly. This 1971 example may be the best value one can find on Abingdons’ finest.

The seller mentions a “punky” area on the right rocker, aft of the door. Not quite sure what “punky” means in reference to rust, but we’d guess it’s not as clean as the seller claims, especially as there are no undercarriage shots, nor any of the “punky” area. That said, if the steel is as claimed, it should be a straightforward process to repair, and the other problems can be addressed while the car is driveable. This is a potential bargain, and of course, a potential money pit.

It’s in Maryland on eBay for $5k or offer.

1971-MGB interior 1971 MGB engine


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