Supra-lative: 1982 Toyota Celica Supra

Supra-lative: 1982 Toyota Celica Supra

While certainly not the turbocharged strip terror later models would become, the early Supras were decent performance cars in their time. Consider that the contemporary import alternatives, Datsun’s 280ZX and Mazda’s RX7 both had similar or less power than this 145hp Toyota six cylinder. This one, with less than 36k on the odometer, looks nearly showroom fresh. Of course, like nearly all older cars, the air conditioning needs recharged, or more likely rebuilt..but the sunroof will help matters.

The black paint absolutely gleams, and though the seller mentions some blemishes, it’s nothing that can’t be corrected easily. This is stunning.

It’s on eBay just outside of Philadelphia, with reserve not yet met.

1982 Toyota Supra interior 1982 Toyota Supra engine

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