Brown Time Capsule: 1981 Datsun B210

Brown Time Capsule: 1981 Datsun B210

What possesses an owner to preserve pedestrian cars? We understand the desire to keep a special big-block COPO Camaro, or a big-buck Ferrari, in showroom condition, but we occasionally stumble upon perfectly preserved examples of cars that were made in the millions. Is there really going to be a collector market for a pristine first year four cylinder Taurus someday?

This Datsun, at first glance, is one of the odd ones. The B210 had some enthusiast cred, with some big race wins back in the day, but ultimately it’s a basic commuter with nothing special but some tape stripes. It has only 20k on the odometer, and looks just like it rolled off the showroom floor, down to the original white-letter tires. That’s frightening, actually, as tires age out after about ten years and these have been mounted for 34. Best budget for that in the brief restoration required.

It’s on eBay in St. Louis with reserve not yet met.


1981 Datsun B210 interior 1981 Datsun B210 engine

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