Little Old Lady Owned: 1991 Honda CRX Si

Little Old Lady Owned: 1991 Honda CRX Si

It’s the oldest trope in car ads: “Previously Owned By Little Old Lady.” Apparently large old ladies can’t be trusted to not aggressively drive their cars, nor will little old men park their cars in a hermetically-sealed barn if there is dew on the grass.

And so it goes for this CRX Si. Apparently the seller took care of a good bit of deferred maintenance, and repainted the factory teal. The west coast location¬†should mean no rust, though the photos aren’t the best. The interior is in need of help, too, but so few of these escaped the long shadow of the NOPI catalog that any original car is worth saving.

It’s in Folson, California, on eBay, for $10k or offer. Just make sure you don’t shoot a man in Reno..just to watch him die..on the way to buy this Honda.

1991 Honda CRX Si interior 1991 Honda CRX Si engine

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