Prelude to a Can of Bondo: 1984 Honda Prelude

Prelude to a Can of Bondo: 1984 Honda Prelude

Honda has built some remarkably good cars over the years, but the Prelude is often ignored by enthusiasts who revere the light weight and attending handling of the CRX, Integra, and Civics. It’s a shame, as the slightly-larger Prelude often has a bit more power, and a bit more interior room with the longer wheelbase.

This one is one of the last that still hung carburetors off the backside of the engine, though the seller notes they need some tuning and synchronizing. There is a bit of typical Honda rot on the right-side fenders, but otherwise it looks quite solid. The interior is a bit tatty, but for the price, it looks wonderful.

The Prelude is on eBay in upstate New York for $2100 or offer.

1984 Honda Prelude engine 1984 Honda Prelude interior

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