“Just Needs Finished”: 1973 Triumph TR6

“Just Needs Finished”: 1973 Triumph TR6

Other than the death or infirmity of the restorer, there should be little reason for selling a car as an “almost complete restoration.” Just like cars with air conditioning that “just need a charge” when it really needs a complete overhaul, there are so many ways of weaseling out of an “almost complete” claim that it often doesn’t bear even looking at the car. “Almost complete – just needs all paint, metal, rubber, and fluids replaced.”

This TR6 doesn’t look too bad. The recent paintwork looks quite good – there are plenty of people who’d rebuild dozens of engines rather than wetsand a single fender. But there are plenty of potential pitfalls ahead, as all the required bits may not be there, and there could be frightening mistakes (especially with wiring) that will haunt whomever tries to complete this.

It’s on eBay near Boston, reserve not yet met.1973 Triumph TR6 engine 1973 Triumph TR6 interior

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