Send in the Clones: 1970 Ford Mustang

Send in the Clones: 1970 Ford Mustang

The big Scottsdale auctions are a great way for auto enthusiasts to while away a long weekend dreaming. However, they have somehow lured car builders to turn out ill-advised “clones” of the limited-edition cars that pull six figures.

Take this 1970 Mustang, for example. From ten feet, it’s reasonably convincing. The wheels and the stripes look right. But dig a bit deeper, and nothing is right. An automatic transmission! Blasphemy. Drums all around? Good luck.

With some work, a couple of credit cards, and the helpful assistance of your neighborhood UPS driver, the flaws can be corrected. Otherwise, you have an interesting cruiser without credentials or a Marti report.

It’s on eBay in Tennessee for $25k or offer.

1970 Ford Mustang engine 1970 Ford Mustang interior

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