Busso..Need we say more? 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6

Busso..Need we say more? 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6

There are some engines that provide immeasurable auditory thrills to enthusiasts. Engines as diverse as a Hemi, a Fiat Twin Cam, a Lampredi V12, or an air-cooled Porsche six make noises that border on sensual.

The Alfa Romeo “Busso” V6 is another. Especially when uncorked for motorsports, the wail of that Alfa V6 is a marvel. The car attached to that marvel sometimes leaves a bit to be desired.

Today’s Alfa Romeo GTV6, however, is a remarkable time-capsule, especially for a chassis known for rust and in a town known for salt. The deep burgundy paint is stunning, and the grey wheels look absolutely flawless. The seller knows it, too, as the car is priced at the top of the market.

It’s on eBay in Chicago for $25,600 or offer.

1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6 engine 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6 interior

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