Hey Nineteen (years parked): 1968 Arkley SS Vintage Racer

Hey Nineteen (years parked): 1968 Arkley SS Vintage Racer

A whole lotta spiders and mice can crawl into a parked car over nineteen years. Bring Raid, D-Con, maybe a cat too when you come to haul this away. This is a project for the committed vintage racer..who might need to be committed. It’s a rebodied Spridget, with a Datsun drivetrain. Mechanically, it shouldn’t beĀ too difficult to put right.

The ancillaries, however, will be a challenge. Anything rubber will need replaced, including the fuel cell and all fluid lines. It’s hard to say from the photos whether the cage is safe enough for modern vintage racing, either..it looks sketchy. Whomever decides to restore this gets our eternal gratitude and wonderment.

It’s on eBay in South Carolina with reserve not yet met.

1968 Arkley SS engine 1968 Arkley SS interior

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