“Exotic” Miata Alternative: 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider

“Exotic” Miata Alternative: 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider

Imagine the roadster buyer in 1991. The options were limited, though better than in years past. Mercury offered an Aussie-built Capri, but it was front-wheel-drive, so it automatically sucks. Lotus had the new Elan, but again, FWD. The new Miata was cheap, but looked great and was from a manufacturer known for reliability.

And the Alfa Romeo Spider. Relatively unchanged since the days when “plastics” were a thing, it was old, temperamental, and old. The “plastics” bumpers weren’t as charming as the old-school chrome, but helped add a few years of life to the aging platform.

Nowadays, though, these late Spiders are holding value unlike the more popular contemporaries. Most tend to be over $10k, so this one on Long Island is a bargain, and looks nearly perfect. It’s not Dustin Hoffman red, but that helps the car blend in a bit in modern traffic.

It’s on eBay for $8500.

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider engine 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider interior

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