Needs Paint, Love: 1985 Honda CRX Si

Needs Paint, Love: 1985 Honda CRX Si

This 1985 Honda CRX Si has been sitting for over a dozen years, and it shows. The paint has not held up well, though the metal looks reasonably solid. The seller says, however, that there is some underbody corrosion. Considering the Utah location, it’s not likely as terminal as such a car back east would be. Some time spent recommissioning┬áthe mechanicals would be required as well, since all of the rubber bits are likely dried to dust.

These CRXes are quickly becoming sought by enthusiasts who recall the lightweight coupe’s remarkable handling and reliability. Most have rotted away by now, so anything even reasonably solid is worth jumping on.

See eBay in Utah for this Honda, priced at $4188 or offer.


1985 Honda CRX engine 1985 Honda CRX interior

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