Championship-Winning 1974 Ford Capri

Championship-Winning 1974 Ford Capri

1974 Ford Capri profile

For decades, the SCCA Production classes had been dominated by British roadsters. In recent years, “tin-tops” and modern cars have taken over, and most grids are filled with Hondas and Miatas.

The seller of this 1974 Ford/Mercury Capri, however, has proven that there is a third way. The proven Ford Kent engine gives plenty of power in a lightweight, reasonably aerodynamic package. The Capri was a force on track overseas for many years, so it follows that this car, properly prepared, can make runs at championships. This car is a proven winner, having won several regional championships.

1974 Ford Capri interior 1974 Ford Capri on track

You can buy it today for $18,000 on eBay in Georgia.


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