Project: Lola T70-ish replica or tribute or….?

Project: Lola T70-ish replica or tribute or….?



Certainly a project with interesting possibilities. The seller says:

  • Builder was Lee Benson at All Pro Cars in Pa. Lee built or acquired everything on this car except the body in 2008 or so. Lee has patterns of most of the suspension for Lola’s and GT40s, so if any of you are looking for parts like this Lee makes them. Lee is a super nice guy and can build just about anything…All Pro Cars is a licensed Shelby Daytona Coupes builder. He said that this build was about $36,000.00. Rims and knock offs are original.
  • The body is from a guy in FL who made molds of an original T-70… sorry I do not know his name. Body parts are molded directly off an original and were intended to be used as back up parts for a race car.

Car WILL be sold to the highest bidder. Fair?

Find it in Iowa, here on eBay.

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