World’s coolest (and most expensive?) Corvair: Stage 3 Yenko Stinger

World’s coolest (and most expensive?) Corvair: Stage 3 Yenko Stinger

For sale is my 1966 Stage 3 Yenko Stinger. I love this car, but have another automotive opportunity I cannot afford to pursue without selling something. If that opportunity passes, prior to the reserve being met, I will end the auction early and keep the car. Of course, once reserve is met, it will sell no matter what.


Qualified buyers can arrange to see the car at my home in Ozark, MO. Alternatively I will be at the CVRA vintage race at Hallet, OK. this coming weekend. Planning to drive one of the old cars if weather is good. If someone wanted to see it there I could drive the Stinger over.




1966 Yenko Stinger YS003 of 100 COPO cars fleet ordered by Yenko Chevrolet and modified for homologation as Dproduction race cars.

Stage 3 One of only four of five more heavily modified Stingers originally intended as road racing car

Stripe Delete Not delivered new with the characteristic Stinger stripes although has worn them most of it’s life.

Original Yenko fitted options beyond standard Stinger include roll bar and big overbore carbs


Other Yenko Opitons Close ratio Saginaw 4 speed transmission and 3.27 rear ratio. Original Yenko homologated ratios recently professionally rebuilt from near perfect clutch gear and NOS main/layshafts and gears, new synchros and bearings. Attached to 3.27 ratio on rebuilt posi with new clutches. Allows 85 mph cruise at about 4000 rpms.


Drive anywhere, and have recently


Original body. Not rebodied. never rusted, flared, or badly wrecked.


Extensively restored 4-6 years ago. Very nice car in near original showroom condition. NOS everything, everywhere. Not just NOS trim and floormatts, but NOS wiring harness, and brake systems, and fuel tank, and heads, and gearbox, and bushings etc. etc. etc. Shown one time 2 years ago at the CORSA International Convention where it received a Gold Medallion and promoted to senior class category. This is a thorough judging from counting emergency brake clicks to measuring how long it takes for the lighter to pop out. Way more than just checking for dirt and making sure the glove box light comes on.

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