Over the top: Barris-esque 60’s custom Corvair. Needs some work.

Over the top: Barris-esque 60’s custom Corvair. Needs some work.



I wish I knew more about its history, and maybe someone viewing
the auction has more info about the car. It had to be a West Coast
built car, looks something like George Barris would of created.
My suggestion would be to do the interior, wheels, suspension and
install a motor of your choice and leave the paint as it is for now.
Its almost a piece of car culture history that wont be repeated.
The other option is to update it with some modern touches, and maybe
try to redo the paint too something retro.
The work body work thats been done in the past, was done very well.
Most of it is all metal too and little to No fiberglass !
Custom cut roof and chopped top and suicide doors barely begin to
describe how much has been done to this car.
Transmission is still there.
We found no rust on the floors or any other areas of the car.

Fair RESERVE bid it to win it ! dont regret you didnt later !
What you will see in the pics below is:
Check out ALL the pics below
Obviously this is not a restored car.
Most of these cars were run into the ground and really
USED up as you might expect them to be.
Anyone can throw shiney paint and a bunch of off the
shelf aftermarket parts on a car and say its “restored”
But the value for your $ doesnt make worth buying.
An ERA alot of us remember like it was just yesterday.
We really try to have realistic prices on all of our auctions
and want to sell cars, not sit on them for another year.
LOTS OF PICS, it may take a full minute for them all to load if
you have a slow connection, so be patient.
You buy cars like this because they remind you of your youth
and how much fun you had growing up and cruising was your
main priority.

This is a piece of history you are sure not to see
again come up in yrs.
Built in the USA !
Az gets maybe 12″ a yr of rain.
The more you go over this car, the more you want it.
Check out All the pics and then look for more info

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