Lightweight Lightning: 1800 pound ’57 bodied ’85 Vette track car

Lightweight Lightning: 1800 pound ’57 bodied ’85 Vette track car


This car started life as a 1985 Corvette and has been transformed into a 1957 Corvette (National Council Corvette Club- Race Prepared Classification) race car. It has had the fastest time of the day at the track numerous times. This car weighs 1800lbs. This car can also run the 1/4 mile in the 10.90’s. It has been fitted with some of the best parts available, including:

Custom 1 5/8″ chrome moly tube chassis

388 cid Chevy small block, dyno’d at over 600hp.

Full gauge package-amp,volt,tach,oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, fuel pressure. With auto shut off.

Power steering with Nascar collapsable column and removable steering wheel.

Coil over suspension with adjustable Carrera shocks.

Custom headers with 5″ mufflers.

Fire suppression system.

Dual filter oil accumulator.

4:11 Corvette rear end.

BBS wheels (extra front and rear wheel and tire).

Approx. 10 gallon fuel cell with rear electric fuel pump.

Brembo JAAP carbon fiber brakes.

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